Friday, October 26, 2007

Why the R.O.C?

Some of you have asked why the Republic of Congo (ROC)?
Well the answer lies in two areas:
#1. Anna and I really wanted to get involved in a medical mission operation that was relatively young. We feel comfortable yet challenged by the opportunities that such a situation presents. When we were looking at different sites from Pakistan to Niger most of the sites were well established. The one other that was not was in Guinea West Africa, and after some prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit we felt the ROC was the place to be.

#2. The second part of the answer is that we were simply aware of the need there. The FP and his family who are actually spearheading the movement are good friends of ours. We met them in Gabon on a short term mission trip we were taking to see if God wanted us to be his servants overseas. In keeping in touch with them we discovered that they were a couple that we could interact and coexist with and that we shared some of the same passions. This falls under the heading of what God does when you are simply willing to follow Him.

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