Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yes this is our family. A very good action shot except for the "tat" on my oldest's forehead. What can I say? He takes after my brother Jon. For some time now I have been putzing around the book of Hebrews and oddly enough the past couple of weeks I have been reading chapter 11. The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen takes on a new power in these verses. Its how we know God created the universe (3), an essential element in pleasing God (6) and an essential quality in a believer's life. I am especially encouraged by Sarah and Gideon being on the list since their accounts in the OT reveal a much more tenuous grasp on this faith than Heb 11 would paint. This makes me think that even the "bigwigs" of faith had to nurture it has a fledging seed given by God and watered with His Grace. In our life we need some serious watering because of some events that came up recently. One big thing that came up this past week is that a roadblock popped up in our plans to adopt Kathleen (she is the one who does not look like Anna and I in the pict). Our steps to adopt were #1 to terminate the mom's rights (she has not seen Kathleen in about 4 years) and then (#2) apply for adoption. It turns out that the lawyer thinks it would be a more ironclad adoption if we do step 1 in Missouri. This is a problem since we are going from here to KY/TN in Dec and then to Canada in Jan. This also is a problem since to get Kathleen across the Canadian border in Jan we will need her passport (which she does not have and we cannot get until we get her mom's rights terminated). On top of that one big thing we have some what smaller things of not having a place to live in Canada yet. We have not sealed that up since we need the Certificate of Authorization to get a lease on an apt. in Canada. Also we did not exactly receive an outpouring of opportunities to drum up support and that although not unexpected was discouraging. SO back to Gideon. I kinda feel like Gideon after he finally gets over his initial reluctance to fight the Midianites & God tells him he has to many resources. Then He tells him the same thing again! I read a lot of doubt in Judges that I do not read in Hebrews. I pray that's the same for us.

SO to sum are some more prayer requests.....
Adoption proceedings as outlined above
Travel plans
More opportunities to share

Thanksgiving w our friends coming up
Speaking opps at Havre (11/25), our home church (12/2) and possibly Kalispell on (12/9).
God's goodness
God's Timing

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