Saturday, December 1, 2007

Roller Coaster

This picture illustrates our feelings right now. A little bit anxious, excited and we are trying to decide whether or not to just put our hands up in the air or hold on tight; whether or not scream or go silent; and where we wish we maybe hadn't eaten the funnel cake and the cotton candy just before getting in line for the ride.....Well you get the picture

We are gearing up for the move to Canada. We don't have the papers in hand but based on our contact at Parole de Vie at this point we can plan on it being granted.

We have also tentatively secured an apt in Sherbrooke QC and are in the process of securing that.
We still have a lot up in the air like not knowing where the younger kids will stay while we are learning French or whether or not I can do some locum tenems work across the border or what the exact legal documents we need to get Kathleen across the border with us.

In the next few weeks we will pack and leave for Ky. Anna, Isabelle, Caleb and Kathleen will fly to Anna's family, Ian and I will roadtrip it. I will quit my job next week. We will load up a truck 2wks from now and will unload it in Ky. Then about 10days later we will load about 1/2 of the stuff one more time to go to the Canadian border. We want to make it there around the 2nd of Jan. But before that we have 4 speaking opportunities in 2 churches (our home church tomorrow and a church in Kalispell Mt next week).

So no sweat right?

One of the good things about the roller coaster is that the riders aren't in control of where the ride takes them. They just need to enjoy it. Same thing here I think, God is in control He knows every twist and turn and unlike man made roller coasters this ride won't give us whiplash, or go off the tracks. All we need is to go with the ride.

Thanks again for praying and helping us enjoy this ride

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