Sunday, October 12, 2008

Action de Grace

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
What? you say I am a month to earlier but oh contraire, tomorrow is the Canadian version of thanksgiving. In Quebec it is known as action de grace. In grand Canadian fashion they even have a Canadian Football League doubleheader tomorrow.

Since it is "thanksgiving" I thought I would share some things that Anna and I are thankful for (in no particular order since I am writing this at almost 11pm at night)
#1. The opportunity to learn french. especially hearing words like action de grace instead of thanksgiving. It is a good way to ruminate and mull over what days like thanksgiving really mean. The french translation is literally the action of thanking. I tend to be relatively passive on thanksgiving but this implies an action on my part and of course since all good gifts come from the Father above we should give thanks to Him daily.

#2. Being able to spend more time with our family. Anna and I were noticing this week how much time we have together and how much time our family is together. I think that this really smothed our children's transition here. It is good especially for me after working so much in MT to be able to see the kids off to school in the am, spend some time with Caleb and then be around in the afternoon and evening as well. There is a recent family outing picture below.

#3. Those of you who are praying for us and even more the ones who pray and then drop us a line via email or skype. Thanks a lot for your support.

#4. God's grace.

#5. having theological disucssion with our oldest son. Ian and I have been parsing the Chronicles of Narnia together and what the implications are and lessons are and that is serving as a way of touching on other themes of God, forgiveness, and compassion as well.

Those are just some random ones that poppped as I type tonight, obviously the list could go on and on,
thanks again for you prayers,


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