Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quoi!? Only 4 wks left!

That's right you read it here. The Wegners only have four weeks left in Canada and only 3 weeks left of class time. We are already starting to plan our packing for the move.

We feel like we've learned a lot and yet we also feel like we've just scratched the tip of the iceberg. I've been meeting with a retired gentleman to practice my french medical questions a little more and I can see the holes that need to be plugged. I'm plugging.

I thought I would give a time line of what we will be doing in June and July for you so you can better pray for us and also know what we are doing.

June 8-12 my parents are coming up and we hope to send some stuff back with them so we do not have to haul as much back at the end of June

June 14th we are speaking at a C&MA church in Burlington VT.

June 19,22,23 we are taking our final tests. The last one is an attempt to give a standardized measure to our french proficiency.

June 24th depart for the US

June 29-July 3 at camp nathanael

July 6th (aprox) leave for NC to drop off containers to be shipped to the Republic of Congo

I will stop there because it becomes less sure after that. The July 6th date is pretty big because we have an opportunity to send some stuff to NC and we are in the process of playing a rousing game of "keep, send, store or toss" with all of our stuff from our car to tea kettle. We are waiting on final approval for how much room we can have on the container as well.

Thank God with us that our 10mo of language study is almost done and that our family is overall doing well.

Pray for safety, wisdom, patience with each other, good timing, and more support.

Thanks again for praying.

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