Monday, November 16, 2009

Brazzaville Beginnings

We first were in Brazzaville (BZV) for one week before we went to Impfondo. Brazzaville is a big dusty city and the hub of the R.O.C. We were there for a bit of the rainy season and it rained mostly a night and almost every night.
There was a true "alliance" of people from different walks of life who helped us a tremendous amount from the native Congolese who helped us eat, change money, get around town, to great commission fund supported C&MA missionaries and SIL missionaries who patiently explained things to our small overheated brains and offered encouragement by their presence, food, and patience.

Here are our kids playing with some SIL missionary kids.

Here is Mr Brazza himself. Founder of European Brazzaville and by all accounts fairly decent guy as explorer conquerors go.

We even went to the zoo while we were there....a depressing but effective way of passing an afternoon. They have some monkeys, one tortoise, one crocodile, and some birds.

What we really did was spend a lot of time adjusting to the new time zone the new language the new climate and a new way of living. Electricity sporadic, running water as well. Mangoes very delicious and juicy, sweat lots of sweat, taxis with seat belts cut out of them, houses with barbwire, cell phones for $20 bucks and a SIM card to boot for $1-3 dollars. So thank you for your prayers during that time of our stay here in the ROC, and hopefully we will have more updates soon.

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