Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hospital Update

The following is an update from Ginny Vandevoorde (reprinted with permission).

Smiles after tears.
HELP News of the war Nov. 24, 2009
In the hospital chapel Sunday morning many or our war victims were present and gave testimony of God's grace and protection during their recent traumatic experiences. To hear Gerard testify of how God is good and to thank Him for this painful ordeal was very gripping. He was shot and then spent 6 hours floating along the river edge waiting for help to take him to the other side and be treated for his wounds. After inadequate care of his injuries, he arrived at our hospital four days later in a critical state and the amputation of his right arm was necessary in order to save his life. He not only accepts this situation but thanks God for it, knowing that He is in control of his life and He makes all things work together for good. Gerard says that he will praise God for eternity. How often are do we thank God for tribulations in our lives?
The conflict on the other side of the river has changed from the original tribal fighting over fishing waters into a political battle. Out of fear, entire villages have been evacuated and refugees are streaming across the river by hundreds. (This could be an underestimation.) For the We do not feel at all in danger being on the safe side of the river, but at the same time we are alert to anything that could take a turn for the worse. We just pray that the shootings will completely stop. Our hospital received the most severely wounded victims while there are many other less serious cases in small clinics closer to the place of the first conflict. Last week 2 more injured persons arrived. Thank you for your prayers for our patients, peace on the other side of the river and our safety. We certainly do feel surrounded by God's protective hand.
Our patients are making much progress. Ruth, the 11 year old war amputee, is up and using her walker. What a joy to see how much she has changed and made the necessary effort to move and walk on her one leg- a complete turn about! Praise the Lord! Her neighbor, Elise (not a war victim) is also making improvements in her walking. You wouldn't believe the wonderful sight we had of Elyse riding the hospital donkey, and a few days later Ruth mounted the animal behind Claire Harvey. What a joy to see her smile. God has answered many prayers!
Who is ready to do anything from helping to fix the X-ray machine, welding, babysitting, or helping Jean-Pierre with electricity, and even masonry? No other than Amy Riedy, short term missionary from California!
Please continue to pray for our doctors, the patients, peace in RDC (Zaire: the other side of the river), and that many will come to know the Lord during their stay at H.E.L.P.
May God bless you as you hold us up in prayer.
On behalf of the missionary team:

Dr. Joe Harvey and Rebecca, Olivia, Claire, Isabel, Noah;

Dr. Fuka and Patience, Laurent, Perpetue, Kelly;

Siko and Delphine Bambemba;

Art and Danielle Ralston & Michael;

Sarah Speer; Melanie Madinga; and Rachel Maurais;

Dr. Stephen and Anna Wegner, Ian, Isabelle, Caleb;

Our short term doctors: Drs. Eckehart & Klaudia Wolff, Dr. Juan Carlos Panchi;

Amy Riedy, short term missionary

Yours truly, Ginny and my husband, Jean-Pierre Vandevoorde

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