Saturday, November 21, 2009

Picts of the new digs....outside

I think we have all adjusted pretty well to life here in Impfondo. Caleb does seem to be having the most trouble with the food, the schedule and general adaption but even he is doing pretty well. The Pioneer Christian Hospital was kind enough to give me a week to be with the kids and Anna as we settle in as well.
Our house is indeed the blue house, and it seems like everyone here we talk to here and even get emails from the states mention "oh yeah, I stayed in the blue house". We hope to have a long stay here.
Our week was filled with firsts for us....First meal in the blue house, first fou-fou dish (just for Stephen), first church service, the first bike rides in Impfondo, first time to the market for Anna, first time for having our clothes washed by hand (not in the river though, our washer just used the spigot from outside our door), first tour of the hospital, first visit into a congolese home ( to do a dressing change on a man with Hansons Dz--aka leprosy), and we are all doing well. Thanks again for your prayers and your interest.

This next week holds more adjustment for us as well as I will begin more action at the hospital and Anna hopes to gradually reintroduce schooling to the children since its been a while.

Here is a list of things to pray for on each of the days of this next week.
Sunday- pray for the first church service for the kids, and for monday's adjustments
Monday-pray for me as I interact more with patients and for Anna and she continues to navigate new cooking styles, shopping and child care
Tuesday- pray for Ian as he gets continues to be the big brother and we seek to get more protein in his diet
Wed-pray for Isabelle as she continues to adjust to the heat and deals with her brothers
Thursday-pray for Caleb and is continued adjustments, better sleeping, and better eating habits
Friday-pray for the situation in the DRC and the refugees here in our Congo.
Saturday-pray for good relaxing for all of us and preps for the next week.

Now the picts....
the house and a tree house. more picts to follow and remember to check out our family blog as well to see other picts.

take care.


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