Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Praying itenerary

note all times are EST.
also all times are estimates!! They are not strict guidelines.
Please fill free to distribute this to all the pray-ers in your various church homes

Before 11am nov 6-pray for packing choices and that all our needed items would fit in our allowed space

11am Nov 6th to 330pm---pray for car travel and caravan space and safety

330pm- 550pm--pray for check in process (pleasant baggage handlers, maybe even allowance on luggage), saying final goodbyes, and boarding plane.

600pm to 200am--safe plane ride, kids settling down quickly to go to sleep, and ease of adjustment, food choices for Ian

0200am- 300pm is a layover in Paris. Pray that we can keep the kids awake mostly and pray for wisdom as we decide whether or not to take a quick jaunt into Paris.

0400pm to 0100 am flight to the Republic of Congo Brazzaville from Paris. Please pray for the check-in process, safe flight, settled kids, and meal choices on board

0100-0300 am getting through customs, speaking french to customs officials and meeting the contact person this will be early (0700-0800am local time) for them on a Sunday so that things would all go smoothly. I am going to post this so hopefully most of you will get it to take it to Wed prayer meeting if you go.




bonniebo said...

Ya gotta take in the Eiffel Tower! I bet you can take a cab directly there from the airport and back and have lots of time left over! ;)

Kristy said...

Praying that everything goes smoothly for you. If you can travel around Paris it is great! :)