Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MIC (missing in communication)

Fortunately we are not missing in action just missing in communication.
Since our last post in (dare i say it ) the beginning of July we have been busy and have missed opportunities to communicate to you. For that we ask your forgiveness.

First a summary of what's been happening with us.
From a communications standpoint we've been handicapped by two events in August. One is the death of the hospital's modem for satellite internet. This left us for the month of August without a way of mass communication. We let some of you know but for the rest of you we apologize. The other event was we had a malfunction with our main laptop computer. Apparently the video processor is melted and now we cannot access anything on the computer. We are grateful to some tech savvy fellow missionaries who confirmed the diagnosis for us. In response to the former we have purchased a cellular modem that is slow and charges by the minute so we will not be uploading a lot of picts for you to see and we ask that you do not try to send us attachments or forwards as well. We will also try to get the laptop back the states for repair as well.

From a family standpoint: The children stopped school in July and August and will start up again in October. However Anna has been tricky and is doing some "learning activities" during that time to keep up with the structure of school. They also have had some fun doing some biking trips and other outings as well. Currently we are on a bit of a vacation in the port city of Congo called Pointe Noire. We are enjoying the hospitality of some friends with the CMA here. We have eaten chocolate, drunk diet coke, played, bought toys (with money from chores and the AW in the RMD), gone to the beach, relaxed, and generally enjoyed ourselves. We will be returning to Impfondo in 3 days. Then in October, school will start back again.

From the hospital standpoint: In August Dr. Harvey left for the states to see his oldest off to college and so Dr Fuka, a short term physicians assistant and I held down the fort at the hospital. We stayed pretty busy during the whole month with not a lot of time off for relaxing and recharging. During that time we lost 3 people to HIV and 4 children died as well. So our planned vacation to Pointe Noire came at a very good time.

With that summary you can discern some prayer requests for yourselves but we would like to highlight some for you as well.
1. Travels
2. School starting in October again
3. the goals that i shared in an earlier post
4. Our internet situation
5.Our computer situation
6. Continued improvement in team unity and communication

thanks again for praying with and for us. Thanks for all who remained faithful in prayer despite the fact that we weren't communicating well with you.

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