Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quick Update/Prayer Request

Yesterday, some people may have seen the question Stephen posted on facebook/twitter yesterday, "Which would you rather have- water or electricity?"

While we've never had a choice, we have had many opportunities to talk about this lately.

The hospital continues to have ongoing electrical problems, which affects the water pump as well.

This is a summary of what Joe (Dr. Harvey) said in our meeting last night with the names removed.

The white generator will start, but the motor is shot and needs to be overhauled. The big yellow generator is starting to have problems again. The cable between the Sunday school building and Casa Blanca is fried. The underground cable between surgery and maternity that provides electricity to half of the hospital is not working either. (This effects maternity, administration, blue house, x-ray, lab, chapel, etc.) The best we can hope for now is a temporary fix.

We are in dire need of a full time electrician. Our electricity is becoming more and more of an urgent matter to the point of emergency. A volunteer has designed the system, but doesn't have time to order and assemble the system. Someone else is willing to install the system once assembled. For the time being we are back to a precarious electrical system.

Now the power has been restored to the water tower. We should only use electricity when absolutely necessary and remember that someone's life could depend on the electricity you are using. We should also try to conserve water so that we will not have to run the generator too often. There is a fuel crisis in town. (diesel fuel which is needed to run the generator.) We have payed for the fuel, but cannot get it.

Last night after the meeting, Joe continued working on the electricity and was able to get power back to some parts, including our house. But at best, it is a temporary fix. Please continue to keep this situation in your prayers.

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