Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Update

September was a whirlwind of activity.
Our trip to Brazzaville did not go as planned. First the permanent crown didn't work, and I had to have an impression made for another. Our return flight Saturday was canceled, so we had to wait until Monday to return.
We started school the day after labor day, and the kids and I have been busy with that. We're studying the Eastern Hemisphere and the human body among other things.

The hospital had an employee meeting to review the year and address any concerns. At the meeting, each employee was presented with a new uniform, scrub set, coveralls, or other clothes appropriate to their job. The employees were all excited to see the new things. It also helped to encourage them and let them know they are valued and appreciated. It has been fun to see everyone walking around in their new outfits.

Stephen's work at the hospital continues to be challenging. The baby previously pictured in this post, came in at 2 months old severely malnourished. He was doing a little bit better, but his mom had given up hope and wanted to take him home to die.

The doctors were able to convince her to leave him at the hospital to continue receiving care. A missionary family took him into their home, and became responsible for his care. This means feeding every two hours, medications as needed, and all the typical care for a newborn baby. They are working with him to try to develop in some of the areas where he is behind.

Every time I see him he looks better. He's gaining weight, his color has improved dramatically, and he's alert and beginning to take interest in the world around him. Please keep this baby in your prayers. We are hoping that he will be able to go home with parents and continue taking a special supplemental formula.

It's the rainy season here, so everything has been growing quickly. The workers spend lots of time keeping the grounds looking nice and things in working order. The hospital is looking its best today as we welcome the US Ambassador to Congo.

He's here today to have an official ribbon cutting ceremony for our oxygen filling station. Then we're going to have a small informal breakfast. ( I'll have a full post with pictures on his visit coming later.)

As soon as that is over, our family leaves for Brazzaville for yet another dentist visit. I'm praying that it is the last. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement.

Now I'm off to breakfast with the Ambassador!

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bonniebo said...

I'm excited to see what "small, informal breakfast" for the ambassador looks like! :D LOL That little baby was adorable, will be praying he really thrives and praying for this to be the last dental visit for you too! YUCK, I really hate dental work!