Friday, October 14, 2011

Roosters, Gift Giving, and Communication

Have you ever received an unexpected bonus at work? Or maybe a thank you gift for a job well done?
When that happens here, it looks a little bit different.
We've been given various gifts by patients or their family members. Sometimes it's a pineapple, or another fruit of vegetable.
Once we were given a rooster. At the time Stephen was in surgery, and I really wasn't sure what to do. Fortunately, our cook was here and helped me to deal with the situation more gracefully than I would have on my own.
The kids named him "Peter Pan." I thought they would be upset if we ever ate him. It turned out that he was really annoying, and eventually became lunch.

One of our visiting doctors receiving a rooster as a present

We had some other visitors who asked one of the merchants for a coke. He told them he would have it for them the next day. You can imagine their surprise and amusement when he had a rooster for them the next day. When they said "coke" he heard it as "coq" or (rooster in French.)
We all had a good laugh over that mistranslation, and someone was happy to receive a rooster as a present.


bonniebo said...

I wouldn't have been too happy with that sort of coq either! HAH :D Too funny!! But definitely interesting!

Taylor Morgan said...

hello! this is Taylor from Taylor Morgan. I read your comment you left on my blog a week or so ago when I did a guest post on The Shine Project. I think what you and your family are doing is amazing!! what a great opportunity to spread love and the joy that comes through following Christ. I look forward to reading your blog! Best wishes!!