Saturday, January 14, 2012


A couple of months ago David Marsh and I took a little canoe trip into a tributary of the Ubangi River. It was quite a fun time and a good stress reliever for both David and I.

here Stephen and David are unloading the canoe. The painting on the side of the canoe was done by Claire Harvey
Another pict of unloading the canoe. These are hollowed out from trees. They cost about 60-80 USD to buy. The hand carved paddles cost about 4 bucks each. Two dudes spending a day going upriver? well you know.
We went upriver about 45 min and then pulled in a little inlet. This is David getting a little water out of the canoe
On the way down river we stopped at a refugee camp to say hi to some people. we have quite a few patients from there and everyone loves a pict.. You see how long the paddle is. This is because the style is to paddle standing up. This takes a bit of balance and learning how to do it in front of others is a nice bit of humble pie.
This is a reenactment of meeting landfall in the dark dark jungle.


Emmy said...

Adventure! Great play by play pictures!

bonniebo said...

wish I could have been a bee buzzing your trip, I'm sure it was hysterical at times! ;)