Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New hope for H.E.L.P.

We at HELP (Hôpital Evangélique ‘Le Pionnier’) are excitedly awaiting the arrival of a new missionary family. The Samoutou's are preparing to come to Impfondo to set up the first eye center in the Congo.

There are many eye problems that go untreated because of a lack of resources. The town of Impfondo and the whole region will benefit enormously from this care.

There was an article about them in the BBC News explaining some of the process. Here is an excerpt:

They are hoping to set up a clinic helping patients with eyesight problems in Impfondo, capital of the Likouala Region.

Dr Joyce Samoutou said she had worked at the Leeds practice for three years but she and he husband felt they had to help those with limited medical provision in Africa.

She said: "We found out that Republic of Congo has never had eye centre offering surgery before.

"According to World Health Organisation four out of five people in that region are either blind or visually impaired for avoidable reasons.

"Simple cataract surgery costing about £50 will change lives.

"Imagine you've got an eye problems so life is hard, it's even hard to get to visit a doctor because of either distance or money.

"Yet, with a simple operation these problems can be resolved, but the doctors out there cannot carry out the work and there are no referrals, so we're really passionate about going.

You can read the whole article "Leeds couple to open Congo eye clinic." Please keep the Samoutou family in your prayers as they finish their preparations and prepare to move.

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