Friday, December 2, 2011

What's for lunch?

We've had many different types of meat since living here: beef, chicken, turtle, various fish, crocodile, antelope, goat, and sheep. We've also had the opportunity to try bats, monkey, and caterpillars, but I've chosen to refrain from each of those.

I've had a few moments of confusion when our cook is trying to tell us what she bought for the day. She knows the words for many foods only in Lingala. Once she told me that she bought horse. I knew that horse is not sold here, and we (fortunately) knew the Lingala word for goat. I was glad to realize that it was not horse, but goat meat that we were having for lunch.

Today she bought another meat for the first time. She didn't know the name, and the only description that she could give is that it is similar to an antelope. I was stumped,so she suggested that I pull out our animal encyclopedia.

I waited somewhat nervously while she flipped through the book, breathing a sigh of relief when she passed the section with monkeys! It turns out that she bought pig, and I was able to reassure her that yes, we eat pork. :)

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