Sunday, May 20, 2012


Sarah Speer translating after the baptism on Easter Sunday.
Our CMA Congo Team

Work on the building for the new generator

1. Safety-

For those who have not heard from us for awhile, and wondered how we are doing, we are fine.  My sprained wrist made communications harder there for awhile, but it is mostly back to normal.

Safety is always a concern for us here.   We were reminded recently when Sarah Speer, one of our long-term missionaries was hit by a motor-cycle taxi and seriously injured.  She has returned to Canada temporarily for a minor surgery and time for healing on her arm.

This was the third accident involving one of our missionaries on bike and a moto taxi.  The roads here have become more dangerous as we have been here.  Injuries from motor-vehicle accidents come into the hospital at least three times a week.
Lots of progress being made!

Dr. Harvey on hospital rounds

Isabelle and Cherissa love to play together.

2. Travel

We had a conference with our CMA Congo Team at the beginning of May.  It was a great time of fellowship, learning, and a chance for us to have some time together as a family.

We leave again May 29 for our annual conference in Spain.  We're all excited about that!

3. Hospital Update

We had a work team from a CMA church in Connecticut (Christ Chapel) came to help build the new house for the updated power plant for the hospital.  We had a great time getting to know them, and seeing how hard they worked!
They were only able to stay for a short time, but the work has continued.

 Stephen will soon be adding more about the medical/spiritual aspects of work at the hospital.

4. Transitions

We always have lots of coming and going here in Impfondo, but we will be facing some major changes throughout the summer and the rest of the year.

The happiest part is that we were able to welcome the Samoutou family in April.  We are so excited that they are here.  Our family is especially glad, because they are our neighbors on the hospital compound.  We plan to see lots of them.

Siko & Delphine Bambemba are currently on Home Assignment. Officially, Siko is the head of the lab, and Delphine is a nurse/midwife for the hospital, but in reality they do much more.  After leaving Impfondo, they spent some time working in Brazzavile, including recruiting nurses for the hospital.  They will spending some time in the DRC and returning in October.

The Harvey family will be going on Home Assignment to the States for one year.  With Sarah Speer in Canada, we'll be the ones who have been here the longest!  Scary thought!

As always, thanks for all of your prayers and support.

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