Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finally here!

Our long awaited shipment arrived on a rainy day. The boat left Brazzaville at the beginning of August, but broke down en route to Impfondo.
Finally, it was repaired and able to continue the journey.

The truck arriving on a rainy morning from the boat dock with hospital supplies.
The men who unloaded the truck worked as quickly as possible to try to keep the boxes dry.
 The supplies were place in storage until they could be inventoried and distributed. 
Over the weekend, Stephen had some time away from medical duties to start to organize things. One challenge was to take all the things out of the boxes that were wet and move them to another container. We rounded up all the plastic boxes and trunks that we could find.
The boxes all organized and stacked neatly... One can dream, right?
Ian is moving some
of the plastic storage boxes.

a plastic trunk can serve dual purpose on a rainy day!

Then it was just a matter of prioritizing, counting, and placing things in boxes.  Of course, Ian managed to liven things up a bit!
Hmm, what's in this box?
Is this what I think it is?

Ian, making a game out of the work to make it more fun!
Just another day here in Impfondo.

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