Monday, October 15, 2012

October Update

Sarah Speer back in Impfondo
It's time for another update!

We're relieved to no longer be the only missionaries here at Hôpital Evangélique "Le Pionnier."  Laura Foudy and Melanie Madinga were the first to rejoin us, followed shortly by Sarah Speer.  The Samoutou family arrived yesterday.  Siko and Delphine Bambemba are scheduled to return before the end of the month.

We still desperately need more people.
You can see HELP needs Help! for specific details.

We are starting to think about our own transition back to the US.  We had originally planned to leave in June 2012, but we keep pushing back the date in order to help here longer.  Our visas expire mid-February 2013, so that has given us a deadline.  We are planning to leave Brazzaville at the beginning of February, go to a conference in Thailand, and then continue on to the US.

While trying to keep up with our work, we are also thinking through the details of what needs to be accomplished to leave here well and the logistics of arriving in the US from a tropical climate in the middle of winter. (Brrr!)
You can read some of what we are doing in our series "Fighting Malnutrition." 
If you missed it see the following:

We will finish the series this month.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

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