Friday, November 16, 2012

Fighting Malnutrition: Part 4

In "Fighting Malnutrition, Part 2" we talked about team work.  There was one part of the team that was not mentioned, because these important team members deserved a post of their own!

Our nursing staff is the one who gives care throughout the day and night to those children who are in the hospital.  One doctor can see 40-60 patients on any given day.

We need someone who can spend a bit more time with the patients and their family.  This is where the nurses come in.

As they are making rounds and interacting with patients, they can have a big impact.

Stephen has had the opportunity to offer classes once a week on topics such as malnutrition.  There are many nurses who have attended these classes.
Nurses in an extended education class, learning about newborn resuscitation.
We are thankful for the many wonderful nurses God has brought to our hospital!

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