Monday, January 21, 2013

Quick Update

Today, if all goes as planned, we leave Impfondo for Brazzaville.
Sarah Speer, as Field Director, will be keeping the team in Impfondo working together smoothly.  She has been such a great help to us in our transition.  She will be spending more time at the hospital, and keeping her community health projects functioning at the same time.

Dr. Laura Foudy will be taking on the medical responsibilities with help from visiting doctors.  She will be pulled in many different directions.  Pray for strength and wisdom for her!

As a family, we have a lot of adjusting to do.  We've packed our things, said our good-byes, and are now ready for the next step.  After more than three years away, things in the US will seem different to us.

As always, thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support. 

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