Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wegners4theROC Spring Tour dates are here!

Here's our latest travel schedule.  We will change it a bit as we are still waiting to hear back from some pastors about dates.

March 6- travel to Lewisport (March 6-13 Lewisport)

March 13- leave Lewisport for Chattanooga (March 14-15 Chattanooga)

March 15- travel to Birmingham (March 15-17 Birmingham)

March 17- leave Birmingham for Chattanooga (March 18-26 Chattanooga)

March 27- travel to Eastern KY (March 27-April 8 Eastern KY)

-Stephen and Anna in Lexington April 1-3

April 8- travel to Chattanooga (April 8-? Chattanooga- waiting to hear about April 14&21)

-Joan visiting Chattanooga April 10-11

April 22- drive to Annapolis (April 22-May 10 traveling in North)

May 10- travel to Chattanooga (May 10- 16/17 Chattanooga)

May 17- travel to Louisville (May 17-19 Louisville)

After that things are still vague

thanks for your prayers

Stephen and Anna

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