Friday, April 5, 2013

Falling off the face of the Earth

Recently, we received an email that said, "We thought you had fallen off the face of the earth..."  We immediately thought of something like this:

This also made us think of other things we've not been doing such as:
Writing our memoirs
Wearing flipflops
Killing cockroaches
Cooking over a kerosene burner
Hearing wailing to signal death, day and night
Dealing with transportation problems
Sweating so much

We have been:
Settling in to this house in Chattanooga, which will be our home base until the end of June.

Restarting school

Visiting churches 

Faith Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL,

and Solid Rock Bible Church, Coon Creek KY.

Attending a reentry debriefing for Stephen and Anna

Visiting family and friends

Catching up on paperwork, dental and optometrists appointments and more.

Praying for our friends and colleagues still in Impfondo.   The electrical system there remains critical.  See Dr. Laura Foudy's latest update.

During the next two months we will be doing more of the same.

We will be at the following churches in April and May: 

April 7- Hunter Memorial Baptist Church, Lost Creek, KY

April 27-29 Lansdowne Alliance Church, Baltimore, MD

May3-5- Christ Chapel,Madison, CT

May 18-19- First Alliance Church, Louisville KY

We would love to see you if you are in the area.

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