Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This is a job for?......

Many of you have heard us talk about or have read about our problems with consistent electricity at the Pioneer Christian Hospital and others of you have expressed an interest in helping out at the hospital but don't know what to do .  Well this is the post for you......See our help wanted ad below!

Wanted a few good people
 What: Installing new wiring, rewiring the infrastructure of the hospital grounds, laying underground cables and installing new circuit breaker panels connecting new generators to an electrical system at the Pioneer Christian Hospital.  This involves working in a tropical environment, manual labor and some cross-cultural interaction
Who: people who are skilled in wiring or who are good at working with their hands, improvising solutions and who love Jesus.

When: September/October of this year for 4wks to 3 mos.  You decide the length of time you can be in the Congo.

Where:  Impfondo, the Repbulic of Congo. It is an isolated city in the northern section of the Republic of Congo.  Weather forecast: mid 80s to low 90s with 90% humidity and chance of isolated thunderstorms.  The Pioneer Christian Hospital is a 7 year old evangelical hospital providing essential care to a catchment area of over 200,000 people.

How:  A team of volunteers is being organized by Chip Frey.  Interested parties should contact him directly by email at  Volunteers will be expected to raise all the money needed to go on the trip.  The money raised will pay for flights to the country and in the country as well as food and lodging while in Impfondo.

Why:  It’s a great opportunity to use your skills to honor God in a cross-cultural setting and to play a role in providing medical care without having to learn anything medical!

For more info about the hospital check out  and the pioneer Christian hospital facebook page or the wegners 4 the roc facebook page.

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