Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cross Cultural Living

Oubangui River
Living in a foreign country, speaking another language, learning new customs, eating unfamiliar foods… These things can all be challenging.  When the going gets tough, it's nice to know that there are others living a similar experience.

There are some blogs I find uplifting, entertaining, and encouraging.

A Life Overseas has more than a dozen people who write from their experience about the joys and trials of living in another culture.

One of the writers for Life Overseas, Rachel Pieh Jones,  blogs at Djibouti Jones.  Some of my favorite posts she has written are the following:

15 Things I Want to Tell My Third Culture Kids

When Rich Westerners Don't Know They Are Being Rich Westerners

Whether you are living in another culture, or you just want to learn a little more about what the experience would be like, these blogs are great to read.

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