Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back to Congo

At a restaurant in Brazzaville
Our traveling is temporarily at an end.  Our whole trip back to Congo went smoothly.

We did not have to pay any extra luggage fees leaving the US, and had no major delays or problems on our trip.  We arrived safely in Brazzaville with all fifteen pieces of luggage.

We spent four days there, adjusting to the time change, resting, and catching up with Anne Stephens and Barb Sorenson, the members of our CMA Congo team currently living in Brazzaville.
Stephen with two of our CMA colleagues in Brazzaville

The hospital
On Monday, March 17, we arrived safely in Impfondo with four of our pieces of luggage.  Four more pieces arrived Thursday, and we are hoping the remaining seven will make it this week.

We have been busy unpacking, and beginning to settle into life here in Impfondo.  Stephen will begin working part time this week and full time next week.

Thank you for all your prayers for our family and the hospital during this time of transition.
The children wading in the Oubangi River

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