Saturday, May 24, 2014

Twin Answers to Prayer

At 4:00 AM, I received a call from the nurse on duty in maternity.  "Doctor, I need your help!  The baby's in a bad position!"

I stumbled out of bed, pulled on clothes, and headed out the door.  I was worried because I knew that Bernadette has much more knowledge and experience of difficult labor and birth than I do.  If she couldn't help the mother, there would be little I could do.

When I arrived at Maternity, I saw that one twin was born, but the second twin was stuck.  Her foot, head, and umbilical cord were all coming out at the same time.  I pushed the cord back in, but I was not able to change the baby's position.  When I touched the umbilical cord, I could feel the baby's heartbeat, but it was very slow.

While I began to call the surgical team to come in for a C-section, Bernadette had the mother lay on her side to help the baby's heartbeat.  The heart rate increased a little bit, but it was still too slow.   Berndette began to prepare the mother for a C-section.

I went back to check on the mother and baby, and saw that the second twin was born.  She came out with a strong heartbeat but not breathing, and Bernadette was giving artificial respiration.

I asked, "What did you do?"

Her reply, "Nothing.  The baby just came out."

I knew that it was a miracle, and while Bernadette gave the artificial respiration, we prayed that God would finish what He started and cause this baby to start to breathe.  Before the prayer was finished the baby girl started breathing.  This was the second answer to prayer in the morning!
We gave the child some sugar and a couple of minutes of oxygen and she was breathing regularly.  Two days later she was able to leave with her older sibling and mom to go home.

I was able to share God's provision with our staff at morning devotions and with others throughout the day and upcoming weeks.  Rejoice with us that we have a God who still answers prayers!

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