Friday, June 6, 2014

Guest Housing

One of the things that I do is help with the guest housing for the visitors.  This time, it was all hands on deck to get a room ready for some visitors.

The housing coordinator decided that a  couple coming for six months would stay in Casablanca.  Since it would be for a long time, we wanted to make sure they would feel at home and comfortable in their space.

Before our Wednesday team meeting, everyone helped rearrange beds, mosquito nets, and begin to get things ready.

This is Casablanca from the outside.  There are three bedrooms, a shared living area, one bathroom, and a door connecting to a shared kitchen.

Close up of the door to Casablanca.  Elizabeth and Isabelle are two of the people who helped set things up for the visitors.  We were doing a last minute check the morning of their arrival.  We made sure everything had stayed clean and ready for the visitors, and we placed some food in the kitchen for them.
The simple guest bedroom: full size bed with sheets and mosquito nets, shelves, and a hamper are the basic accomidations.

Isabelle's showing the seating in the common area of the house.

Everything's ready; now we just need to wait for the couple to arrive!

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