Monday, July 14, 2014

Around the Web

Some of our recent visitors have been blogging.

Millie shares more of her experiences as a nurse as well as some positives and negatives of life here:

Pathway to the Jungle
I am starting to love cold showers, crispy clean clothes right off the line, laughing cow cheese (oddly enough the only form of cheese to make it to northern Congo), jempy (a cheap knock off Nutella sort of spread) and bike rides to work where I dodge street goats, high five kids and say bonjour and mbote more than I can count. I love seeing these amazing patients get better against all odds, I love the nurses at this hospital, the potential they have and the willingness to learn despite very little training or nursing instruction and difficult work situations...

Read more at Nurse Millie Goes to Africa

Ella uses humor to relate some of the things she learned while in Impfondo
How to…

-Avoid being hit by a motorcycle

-Navigate the market

-Ride a bike with no breaks

-Be OK with eating ants

-Moisturize with sunscreen

-Perfume with bugspray

-Play charades for regular communication

And she has some thought provoking posts, too:
I knelt on the ground and washed the feet of lepers. The task itself was fairly simple, but something about that form of service seemed profound. As I washed the people’s feet and tended to their wounds, I understood Jesus better. He who healed the lepers’ bodies and washed the disciples’ feet is my King. His humility astounds me.
Read the rest Washing the Lepers Feet.  (And more posts by Ella at Grace Recognized)

Another new arrival, Faith has a blog called Faith in Congo. I'm looking forward to seeing what she writes!

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