Monday, July 28, 2014

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We're glad to have the Samoutous back in Congo!  Before traveling to Impfondo, they were able to visit Dave and Teresa Bill in Ollombo.

From Teresa Bill on Facebook:

Our friends the Samoutous visited us for several days. We used Henri to speak to the kids, SS, youth and Sunday morning. His testimony is wonderful.

If you haven't seen the post 10 Reasons You Should Be a Missionary, be sure to check it out for reasons such as

10. You’ll get to try new things, like typhoid fever and amoebas.

3. Fashion rules will no longer apply.

Read all ten reasons here.

There's now a follow up post: More Reasons You Should Be a Missionary.
Included are some funny things and some serious things like:

You might even get to watch a Norwegian guy chase two wild wolves across a Central Asian grassland at 4am in order to take a photograph. You’ll understand why the wolves are running away.

- You’ll experience singing and worshiping God in other languages and you’ll catch a glimpse of what it will be like to worship God around His throne with every tribe, tongue, and nation!

Read the rest of the reasons here.


For more about life in Brazzaville, as well as scripture translation work be sure to check out Life Without a Recipe.
Picture of Santa in Brazzaville from Angi's blog "Life Without a Recipe
He's up year round.

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