Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Evening sky at the hospital
We've received some questions about Ebola.  There have not been any cases in the Republic of Congo or the surrounding countries.  We are praying for those affected and the medical teams treating them.

You can read Dr. Kent Brantly's statement from the isolation room where he is in recovery.

On Being Evacuated is from a Peace Corps worker in Guinea and talks about the difficulty of leaving- and knowing you are leaving others behind.  She also includes some of the history and statistics of Ebola and the recent epidemic.

Photo from Djibouti Jones

Another post in the series What I Learned at Djibouti Jones talks about time in a Congolese Refugee Camp

Ask me to describe a refugee camp and I’ll start with the smell.

It’s the smell of far too many people living in far too small a space, without adequate sewage or opportunities to bathe. The smell is pungent and overwhelming. One whiff makes you want to run for the safety of your jeep, where you can roll up the windows, turn on the air conditioning, and receive a brief respite from a smell that’s so strong it makes you gag.

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