Thursday, August 28, 2014

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From Millie Delion via Facebook: Mountain biking on our rusty beater bikes, African thunder and lightening storm, Congo jungle trails and even a decent fall in a huge mud puddle... But we found the village- and even though the little patient we were going to visit to make sure was still ok was out in the woods with her family hunting caterpillars - she is healthy and doing well and we received a gift of Aka mushrooms.. What a great Saturday

Old Scars from Reigning in Life:
One of our interesting patients recently came to us with very old injuries. In 1997 the Republic of Congo went through a civil war. Many of the wounds of that time have healed but some remain. Diane came to us with many unhealed scars from that war. During the war she was chased by rebels while riding on the top of a large truck. She fell off the top and the fall crushed a part of her spinal column paralyzing her from the waist down. For many years after the injury she struggled with her new disability in a country where no grace or accommodation is given to the disabled. Many are left to fend for themselves in whatever way possible. They are often disowned by families and wander the streets looking for handouts.
Read the rest here *warning surgical pictures*


From New Sight Congo via Facebook: Maman Marthe is a precious pygmy lady with leprosy. Sarah is the most inspirational missionary who has dedicated her life to serving the poor. We call her Mother Teresa of Congo! Here we are celebrating Maman Marthe's new sight after her eye operation!
Our 3 new trainees are doing really well. It motivates them to learn more when they can see the tangible help that they are giving our patients.

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