Friday, August 1, 2014


Mama Lydie and Mama Chantal in their new aprons

It's dangerous working here. Just kidding!
Two of our visiting students learned how to cast.
Saturday lunch with Dr. Noah and Dr. Cyriaque,
two young African doctors who have spent some time working at our hospital

Mama Melanie singing in church
Fast food: street meat. You can pay 2000CFA (around $4) for mutton or goat that has been cooked over a fire. Thanks to Millie Deleon and Sarah Bouchard for letting me photograph your lunch!

Two crazy dances before 6AM! First, this enormous spider jumped on my leg.
Only the cat was around to see my gyrations as I tried to escape.
(Don't worry. I killed him AFTER I took the picture. Priorities.)
Second crazy dance: lightening struck close to our house.
It was so loud and startling, I may have done a second crazy dance.
Isabelle was up to witness that one!

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