Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Update

4th of July celebration
We started our summer with a trip to Spain for a conference.  We had a great time hearing about what God is doing in different parts of the world.  We managed to get some time for the beach, shopping, and sightseeing, too!  It was a relaxing and refreshing trip for us.

Stephen has been busy seeing patients in the hospital and doing administration.  He has had many challenging cases that continue to help him stretch his knowledge and experience.  One patient recently was concerned when he realized a pediatrician would be doing his surgery!  He had a good outcome, and he was able to praise God for healing.
Stephen has also been able to find some time for teaching nurses from our hospital and the community.

The kids are enjoying their summer break.  I had planned a light summer school schedule, but with all of our visitors recently, I haven't had much time for teaching.  The kids are happy to have the extra free time to spend in the great outdoors.

Our team is constantly changing.  We were happy to welcome the Samoutou family back in July.  We've really missed them!
A new physician with Samaritan's Purse arrived this weekend.  His name is Dr. Kiong Liao, and he will be here for two years.  His arrival comes at a good time, since the Harvey family will be leaving for two months in the US.
With too many changes to list here, I've decided to have a separate blog post detailing our team.  Look for that in the next few weeks!

Around the hospital
What's next:
1) Stephen is planning to extend his teaching to further areas in the community and surrounding villages.  Some people have been able to come to Impfondo for classes, and they have expressed a desire for more teaching in their villages.

2) There is a young doctor who is a refugee from the Central African Republic working with us.  Stephen is planning to make a more consistent effort to help him learn.

3) In addition to teaching, Stephen is constantly learning.   We may have a chance to spend the month of Ethiopia in November.  Stephen will be working with an orthopedic surgeon to learn techniques he can use here in Impfondo.

4) With many people on vacation, Stephen will be doing more preaching in Sunday morning church and devotionals for the employees in the morning.  Pray that he will be able to keep up the busy schedule, and God will give him the right things to share.

5) School starts back for our kids after Labor Day.  We're easing into the schedule by starting some review at home and Lingala lessons with Joyce Samoutou four times a week.  I'm going to sit in on those, too!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.  I would like to say an extra thank you to the Rocky Mountain District for helping to make the "Helping Babies Breathe" classes possible.  Thank you to the Polson Alliance VBS for raising money for our malnutrition program.  And a huge thank you to all of you who lift us up in prayer day after day!  You're the reason we can keep going!

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