Friday, September 19, 2014

Nurses CME

In August, Mille Delion organized a review for several months worth
of continuing medical education classes for our nurses.
It was great to see everyone on our team work together:
teaching, planning the review, helping with the review, or providing supplies.

Millie and Mama Sarah explain how to use the badge size cards of information.

The nurses listening to the explanation of the review activities.

There were four review stations.
Here the nurses are traveling between stations.
Everyone got involved- even the kids!
Isabelle is helping to serve snacks.
Our nursing supervisor, Urbain, quizzes a group of nurses.

Nurses review the proper precautions and treatment of TB.
Christina (at the bottom of the picture) was a trouper.
She was the "TB patient."
Miles helps the nurses review treatment of respiratory illnesses.
Ian was his "patient."

Thinking hard!
There were some tough questions!

One of the prizes earned was a decorated ink pen.

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