Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Operation Christmas Child

From Lauren Lunsford:

If anyone has never done an Operation Christmas Child box before, Samuel and I would encourage you to do it!

This weekend we were able to go to an Aka Pygmy village and watch these children open Christmas boxes and presents for the first time. It's a little early for Christmas presents. But these kids wouldn't know it because they never get presents. The Aka Pygmys are a very poor group of people. Some are former slaves of the Bantu people here and some are still owned and forced to work for others for no wages.

Before the workers handed out the presents, the kids sang some songs praising God and prayed to thank Him. It was so moving. Christmas is never filled with that much thankfulness in my heart.

When these children, wearing literal rags, received their presents they didn't know what to do with them. Many just sat there with their opened presents and didn't feel like thy could touch any of the new toys and candy because they didn't really think it was theirs.

One child here had lost his father to cancer just the week before. The presents came at the perfect time.

If your church does this awesome ‪#‎operationchristmaschild‬ ministry I just want to let you know that many many kids are so thankful for you and your gifts!

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