Thursday, October 30, 2014


So far, Ebola has not spread to our little corner of the world, and we are praying that it stays that way.  But the hospital has been doing what it can to be prepared in case of an outbreak.  The guards, nurses, and other employees have been receiving extra training, and we have received PPE (personal protective equipment) from Samaritan's Purse to help us protect ourselves.

A tent is serving as our holding and screening area for potential cases of Ebola.
Over the next few days, we'll be looking at some of the precautions necessary.

Ebola and the Christian by Dr. Bill Brown talks about some of the issues we have been facing recently.

Dr. Kiong demonstrates the PPE
during a training session with the nurses

The confusing Ebola crisis has shone a light on the reality that many of Africa’s poorest and neediest are receiving medical treatment from (gasp!) missionaries. See, for example, Brian Palmer’s article in Slate,“Should we worry that so many of the doctors treating Ebola in Africa are missionaries?” Not all of those serving the medical needs of Africa are Christian missionaries, but the number who are is impressive. They are everywhere.

Missionary doctors have been treating Ebola victims in Africa for decades in sub-Sahara Africa. Why? Because they are the primary ones treating the people for every disease. They have always been there. The reason the West is even talking about Ebola is that the virus has the potential to spread quickly and infect people outside of Africa – us. Otherwise, would we care?

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