Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2014 finds us celebrating in yet another country!
Stephen has a normal work day, and we will have a small meal with friends this evening.
We are going to have the traditional American Thanksgiving on Saturday.
However your day is spent today, we hope you have a blessed day.

Thanksgiving 2012- Our 4th Thanksgiving in Congo!  We had the meal at our house in Impfondo.  Stephen was doing surgery, and I was sick, so Sarah Speer graciously agreed to serve as our hostess!  We had chicken, duck, dressing, pumpkin pie and more.  Isabelle and Joyce Samoutou took pictures to commemorate the event.

Thanksgiving weekend 2013- We were in Savannah, GA at the house of Stephen's brother.  We had all the wonderful, traditional foods that I love- YEAH for TURKEY!  I guess I was too busy eating to take pictures, but we also toured a fort and did some shopping over the weekend.

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