Tuesday, December 16, 2014

An Orthopedic Patient in Soddo

This twelve year old girl came to the hospital because her right thigh had been gradually bending over several months.  This caused her to fall, and she could not walk after that without crutches.
Her initial x-ray showed a fracture and a slow growing tumor in her femur (thigh).
The chaplain praying with patients
Doing range of motion exercises with her now straight leg
Dr. Bob Greene operated with an Ethiopian orthopedic resident, and they were able to cut out the tumor and straighten the leg using the sign nail.
She was from a Muslim family, and while in the hospital had the opportunity to watch the Jesus film in her own language.
Because of the sign nail technique, she was able to leave the hospital three days after her surgery and has a good chance at total healing.
x-ray after surgery

How the leg was before surgery
(from stock photo)

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