Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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Christmas in Africa looks a bit different than in the States.

We've switched pine trees for palm trees, cold for heat and humidity, a white Christmas for a green Christmas, and fewer things for more time to contemplate.
We've come to appreciate certain traditions that we have here, while still missing family and traditions from the States.

We also appreciate the way that being out of your usual celebrations and routines help you to think about the real meaning of Christmas and the things that are important.

Christmas 2012
Our 4th Christmas in Impfondo!

Some interesting reading this Christmas season:

Rethinking the Christmas Story {from A Life Overseas}

I am tired of the Christmas story.

Clarification: I’m tired of the way I keep hearing it and seeing it and reading it. Of course I’m tired of the way consumerism has hijacked this holy day but that’s not what I mean. I mean the typical western religious take on the Christmas story. Living in the developing world, in a place where women give birth at home, in a culture much closer to the culture of Jesus’ location and time in history, has changed the way I read the Bible.

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