Friday, February 27, 2015

Saturday Rounds Part 4

These are some of the patients that Stephen sees each morning in the hospital as he does rounds.
Each of them is precious to God, and we are grateful for the chance to be a part of His hands and feet at a time they are in need.

In this grouping of patients we see some of the social complications of illness:

The lady on the top left has a very contagious case of tuberculosis, but she is the source of nutrition for the child she's holding.  In the States we would offer infant formula but here breastmilk is not only the best choice, its the only one.

A different problem with breastmilk is seen in the second picture.   This mom isn't making enough, or is to tired to try.  Encouraging moms, giving bridging therapy for the kid is the cornerstone of treatment here.
Finally the elderly lady is suffering from a stroke.  She is getting good care from her family, but the concern is how she will eat.  She has a nasal feeding tube for now, but what to do for the future?Tough decisions to make without a lot of extra services.  Pray for us.

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