Thursday, March 12, 2015

Prayer, Medicine, and Teamwork

Dr. Kiong Liao was on call this weekend, and had some difficult cases.

He stopped by our house before church, and Stephen consulted with him on the patient.  During the course of the morning,  they also consulted Dr. Elliot Tenpenny and Dr. Tim Kitchen.

The patient was a lady with postpartum complications, in danger of dying.  At the beginning of the day, she wasn't strong enough to undergo surgery.
 They all saw her, worked on stabilizing her, and ended up doing surgery on her late morning/early afternoon.

 It was encouraging for me to see that when someone was struggling, other team members stepped in and encouraged and helped him.

Some of the team work even went beyond the four doctors.  The person who was supposed to be moderating the first part of the service, leading music, and translating for the sermon was busy doing lab work for the patient.  Two of our other nurses, a husband and wife filled in for him.  

Stephen was the one preaching, and his topic was about how to face difficulties.  He started by having the church pray for the sick woman.  It was nice to see our team, the employees, and church community joining in this case.

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