Saturday, March 14, 2015

Update on the Tenpenny family

Hudson can't wait to see his mama again!
Update from Sarah Tenpenny:
Just wanted to check in from South Africa and let you all know I'm well. The doctors and nurses here have been great and I'm so thankful that Dr.Timothy M. Kitchen was able to accompany and help me sort through all the details. Today I was cleared to return to TN and am just waiting for them to arrange the next stage of medical transport (because no one wants a baby born on their Trans-Atlantic flight. :)) So thankful for all your love and prayers, as well as, access to modern medicine and the wonderful people at WMM. Please continue to pray for Elliott Tenpenny as he says goodbyes, finishes up packing, and starts his journey home on Monday with the boys and the awesome Christina Warkentin.

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