Wednesday, March 4, 2015


We enjoyed our time spent with our CMA team in South Africa.  We also had the chance to see many animals and explore some of the area while we were there.

Before leaving Impfondo for South Africa, we learned that the deportation of people from the Democratic Republic of Congo was scheduled for January 20.  The only news we heard about that during our trip was that the deportation was going smoothly.  We were praying for our friends and hospital employees who may have had to leave during our absence.

When we returned safely to Brazzaville and then on to Impfondo, and we were relieved to find that our friends and hospital employees from the DRC had not been forced to leave.  There is ongoing work to verify passports and visas of those from other countries, but it has all been dealt with in a peaceful manner.  Some people have traveled back to their country of origin, and they hope to return once they have a the proper passport and visa.

Amanda Volkman, a missionary nurse spending a year with us, has begun continuing education classes with the nurses every other week.  Stephen has been able to assist her, but she is the one planning and teaching the classes.  It’s been nice to see her take on that role, and for Stephen to have more of a supporting role.  She is also planning an event for the hospital employees and their families to learn about health and related issues.  They are all invited March 21 to spend the afternoon at a health fair.  There will be various stations providing basic information on topics such as malaria prevention and nutrition.  Even the kids are getting involved in the planning and preparation.   We are hoping that this will be a test case for having similar things for community health open to a wider audience.

We have been busy with some extra meetings to work out the best direction for our team.  We were able to have Ron Julian, our CMA Regional director, spend some time with us clarifying the process.  We appreciated his help, and also enjoyed being able to spend some time with him.

Some people have asked about the baby from our blog post “Trouble in Maternity.”  She is still in the hospital, gaining weight and getting strong enough to go home.  Her family should be able to take her home this month.  Thank you for your prayers for her.

Praises and Prayer Requests:
1. We are thankful for the continued health and safety of our family.

2. The Ebola outbreak in Western Africa is dying down.  Pray that the decline will continue, and that no new cases will develop.

3. Please continue to pray for our missionary staff and employees as we tackle some tough issues.  Our prayer is for God’s will to be done, and that the results will glorify Him.

4. Pray for the ongoing medical education classes with the nurses and the upcoming health fair (March 21).

5. Praise God for some much needed supplies that have made it to the hospital, and more that are on their way.  We know that God will always provide.

6. Pray for ongoing tensions that exist between people here and those from other countries.  Pray that these can continue to be worked through without violence.  Also pray for some of our hospital employees who are currently in their country of origin, trying to complete the proper paperwork to be allowed to return.

Thank you again for your continued prayers for our family and the ministry here.

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