Saturday, April 25, 2015


Yesterday, on the road to the north of us, a motorcyclist died with some police involvement.  The story of the events vary wildly.

The normally calm jungle road to the north of the hospital.

It affected us here because a crowd retaliated by attacking the police station across from the hospital. The police discouraged the crowd from attacking by firing warning shots.  At first, it appeared that things would blow over quickly.

But about an hour later, the crowd returned and began a new assault on the station, including what looked like homemade fire bombs.  The police were able to drive the crowd back by a serious of shots fired into the air, but unfortunately, one young man was hit by a bullet.

Things were quite chaotic for awhile.  The medical staff was treating the patients already at the hospital, plus the newly wounded.  The guards and other staff were busy keeping things safe and secure at the gate and inside the hospital.

After the crowd retreated a bit, they remained close by, yelling and occasionally throwing things toward the police barricade.  After some time, the police used more shots, some from larger weapons, to disperse the crowd.

A picture taken from our backyard.  A woman calmly goes about her day while passing the police barricade and walking toward the crowd.  She seemed unconcerned about the violence surrounding her.

 After about 2pm, things remained calm and quiet, with police blocking most traffic until the evening.

This morning, things are once again calm, with some normal traffic, but many people are choosing to stay away from the area for now.  There is a stronger than usual police presence guarding the station.

The patient who was shot in the abdomen survived surgery and remains in critical condition.  If he lives, we anticipate things remaining calm.  If he dies, the grieving could reignite the anger and violence.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, and we will update as news becomes available.

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