Monday, June 22, 2015

Blue Lightning- Pt 2

I shared some pictures last week of Blue Lightning.  Cristy Presler tells in more detail about the experience!

So this is blue lightning! Mama Sara introduced me to John who showed us his broken down trike. John had polio as a child and is now unable to walk. He is also mute so even beyond the language barier, communication was interesting to say the least. He was getting around by wearing flip flops on his hands and on his knees.

When his trike worked, he could get around easier and he even sold fuel from the back. So without the trike, he was limited...God placed on my heart to help him out. So we took it back and blue became a fixture in the house! I worked on it, braved the market to buy supplies, scrubbed rust and put a top knoch paint job! When we gave blue to John, he was so excited!

After- with some of his family and neighbors
Afterwards, I thought, I have the best role model ever. Jesus. Although I did not make the lame walk again, I helped the lame become mobile! Everything was done to honor Him! Something as simple as a trike painted, new tires and chain made such an impact!

And best of all, you all had a part in it. Either through prayer, contributions or both, YOU had a part in spreading the light of Jesus to a community! He was told that this was not from me, that it was from the help and prayers that YOU gave when you listened to what Jesus put on your heart to give or pray....

Blue Lightning in Lingala
*Thanks to Cristy for letting me share her story and pictures!

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