Monday, June 29, 2015


We have made the very difficult decision to leave Impfondo and the ministry with Pioneer Christian Hospital. As some of you know, the environment here has always been difficult. There are physical aspects such as lack of resources and development, difficulties with supplies, and isolation. But above that, there has been a problems with leadership and team environment that have kept people from choosing to serve here long term.

We still chose to return for a second term, knowing the great medical and spiritual needs in the area and believing that things with our missionary team could improve with time and through God’s working. After a challenging 15 months, we reluctantly made the decision to leave at the end of the summer. We were experiencing the negative effects of stress on our health and family.

We would still like to return here at some point in the future, and we will be praying every day for the missionaries, employees, and other people in the area. The hospital is with Global Outreach Mission (GOM), and they are working to plan for the future of the hospital. Please GOM leadership in your prayers as they seek God’s will for the big picture of the hospital and the practical details involved.

We will be leaving Brazzaville on August 24 to return to the US. It has been recommended that we take some time for debriefing and recovery before beginning to travel or preparing for our next location. If God does not bring us back to Impfondo, we would still like to serve in a medical ministry in French speaking Africa. There are many places with great needs and opportunities for service, and we have communicated with some of them. We will not be making a decision until we have been in the US for some time, and our mission director and member care people believe that we are ready. We want to face the next step as physically, mentally, and spiritually as healthy as possible.

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Steve said...

Praying for you all!!! Love, Steve and Alace (ps. Let's serve together in Africa sometime, okay?!?)