Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Our debriefing conference at the beginning of November was a very intense time, and one that we benefited from immensely.  It was good to be able to sit down with other people in similar circumstances and transition points and process our time in Congo.  There were separate sessions for the children, and they were able to do the same things we were doing with others their age.  We were able to get a sense of closure and become ready to move forward.

We spent the rest of November and December in Eastern KY, a few miles down the street from Stephen’s parents.  We enjoyed being able to be close to them for a brief time.  Stephen was able to travel to three training session, and do multiple other training or CME via the internet.  The kids and I continued school, and we were all ready for Christmas break!

One of the highlights of our time there was attending one of our supporting churches, Davidson Baptist Church.  We enjoyed being able to be part of the church fellowship and celebrating Christmas with them.

December 2015 in Eastern KY
with Stephen's parents
We are now back in Montana.  Stephen will be working in Browning, at the same hospital where he worked in the past.  We will be trying to visit some churches and prepare for our next step while we are there.  After much prayer and deliberation, we have decided to pursue an opportunity to work at The Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children in Koutiala, Mali.  (  We are excited about what God is doing in the country and joining the team that is currently working there. We are currently finalizing details, and our goal is to move to Mali in April after attending the CMDA conference in Greece.

We will still be with the Market Place Ministry branch of the C&MA.  For our supporters, you can continue to give the same way.  You can make the check out to C&MA-MM, with our names & MM in the memo lines. (MM-Stephen and Anna Wegner.)  If our names are not on the checks, it may go into the general fun.

8595 Explorer Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO

Praises and Prayer Requests:
1. The unrest in the Republic of Congo has ceased, at least temporarily.  This is an election year, and you can continue to pray for peace and safety for them.
2. Praise for closure and the readiness to move forward.  Keep praying that God will direct our steps through the process.
3. Pray that we will have safety in our many travels in the months to come.
4. Pray as we prepare for Mali.


Jeffrey Ort said...

Continuing to pray.

Beth said...

Well, I have a slightly better chance of bumping into you now! :) Exciting news!