Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Reflections on the Promise

Our family is together again in Chattanooga TN (actually Ringgold Ga but close enough). Ian and I enjoyed our cross country trip and he is quite a good traveling companion.

I have been reflecting on my relationship to Christ and, during this Christmas season, his coming to earth and several thoughts are swirling in my brain.

#1. Would I recognize him today? A mute point I guess since he has come and gone, but imagine a hick coming from West Va to DC or NY and saying what Jesus said, or maybe from south Alabama coming to Atlanta and doing the same. What would I think of him and his sayings. Wendell Berry has a nice essay about Jesus and his sayings and I think his point is well taken when he says that we are so used to the idea of Jesus as Christ that it is hard for us to actually hear his words. I spiritualize, I rationalize and I run the danger of being inoculated against the power of his words.

#2. Is my relationship with God more important than his promises to me? This came up as I was reading the Heb 11: 17-19 account of Abraham sacrificing Isaac. Abraham's faith journey involved a lot of waiting and then every now and then a zinger from God like this one. What am I willing to surrender to God for our relationship. This also ties in to thought #1 when you consider Lk 12:49-53.

Both of these tie in to my mulling over our plans falling through with language study. I trust all will have a good Christmas.

We will continue to keep you up to date


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