Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Plans Changing

You may be wondering what are the next steps for us now that we are not making it to the language school in Quebec this January so this is the 411.

The immediate plans are to spend the holidays with our families scattered from Ringgold GA to Lewisport KY to Dice KY. These form an almost equidistant triangle in the Southeast. There may be some opportunities for us to speak there as well but we are not sure yet.

We will then return here and I will continue to work at the Blackfeet Community Hospital. We will then resume a lot of the activities we were involved in before we tried to relocate and will add hopefully a French tutor to help us out.

We will also finalize (hopefully soon) the adoption of Kathleen and shore up her documents (passports, legal guardianship etc). What we need to do for that is to finish a home-study by a social worker and pass a background check......

We do appreciate everyone's prayers over the past several days and especially the past 72 hrs. I must confess that it was quite the emotional and physical drain on Anna and I.

To put it all in perspective we again are relying on God's perfect will. Whether or not this delay was an attack by Satan on our plans, a gentle "lets wait a bit" from God, just the result of our decisions and actions, or some combination of the above matters little at this point and our response is to model Joseph and David. Joseph's statement to his bro's in Genesis 50:20 where he states "You meant it for evil but God meant it for good" reminds us that God is sovereign and can handle both Satan's attacks and our incompetence. And David's response to God allowing his child to die in 2 Sam 12:20. We learn David got up and worshiped God....He also ate and bathed but we were doing that already...

So like Paul we will forget those things behind and reach forward to the things which are ahead and press toward the goal of the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (phil 3:13,14).

Thanks again for your prayers

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